What to Wear to Your Pre-Wedding (Engagement) Session

What to Wear to your Pre-Wedding Session
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If you have found your way here you’ve fallen victim to the wedding planning Google rabbit hole. And if you are currently planning your engagement photos you know there are a million and one blog posts and Pinterest pins about preparing for your pre-wedding or engagement session chock full of "what to wear's" and "where to shoot's". But we wanted to bring you information that helped you as a couple plan your engagement session with intention. Here is some guidance that aligns with us more on a creative and personal level.

So how do we do that during your engagement session?

Well instead of getting into the do's and dont’s of an engagement session let's talk about how we help you throughout the process.

The biggest piece of advice we can give you is there’s no such thing as over-communicating! Talk me through your options. I’d love to help! After you consider all of the info in this blog post and conjure up a few outfits that you like, text me what they look like on both of you. This way we can have a solid plan in place thus making sure that everything aligns with your vision.

Share your reservations, or show me photos of outfits or vibes you like and I can recommend some shops you should go to in order to find the style you’re looking for. Plus the better we get to know you, your likes, and your dislikes, the better we are able to capture the aspects of your personality.

Another favorite option of mine is vintage hunting or thrifting. It will usually provide you with unique pieces that feel most like you. You could also pull out everything in your closet, Marie Kondo style. (Not really, but take a good look at your wardrobe.) Sometimes you already have a piece that’s been broken in that looks great on you!

Before you decide on your outfits there are other things to consider before your engagement session.

It’s important to know yourself and your personal style preferences well. It will ensure that we capture you both with the intention you deserve! So ask yourselves some questions! What is your personal taste or aesthetic?

And be sure to really think about these!

For example,

  • If you’re into vintage, what decade resonates most with you?
  • Are you a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between?
  • Do you like leaning into funky trends?
  • Or do you gravitate towards timeless investment pieces?
  • What colors do you usually gravitate to, not only in fashion, but in general?
  • Do you want your images to feel more natural or editorial?
  • What draws you in?

A great way to do this if you're unsure of what style or look suits you best is to turn to cinema. Utilize movie wardrobe designs that you both love and inspire you. Look to those films that spark romantic creativity in you and focus on their imagery.

Study what the characters wear, and write down what you like about the wardrobe choices. What is it about the silhouettes, the movement, the fabric, cuts, colors and more that speaks to you? And don’t be afraid to take style inspo from movies or stories that inspire you in other ways outside of your favorite love stories. Take all the bits and pieces of these films that inspire you and let’s build a vision around those movie stills.

While planning the imagery of it all, be sure to remember the practical aspects as well!

Such as color theory!

It does matter, especially when putting together a visual experience for years to come. Some great options to focus on are monochromatic, analogous, or complimentary colors. Monochromatic color schemes will range between lighter and darker versions of a color or hue. Analogous colors are a group of three colors next to each other on a color wheel. And complimentary colors combos are meant for the bold! (A great option for the maximalists out there.) They will give you the most high contrast in photos and pack quite a punch.

And don’t forget about the texture of your fabric and how that will affect your movement. It comes as no surprise that fabric makes a difference. Higher quality like silk, satin, and linens will impact the feeling your images will give. These fabrics will not only allow you to move freely but they will also translate to 35mm film photos which is what our ultimate goal is!

Choose what speaks to you and what will feel the most true to the both of you.

Along with movement comes comfort. Comfort is very important. The last thing you want to feel is restricted in your clothing.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you move freely?
  • Can you walk without rubbing a painful blister?
  • When you hug each other, can you do so without feeling uncomfortable tension in the threads?
  • Do you have to set a bag down in between every portrait?
  • Does this outfit actually feel like you?
  • Does it compliment your individuality and your favorite features?
  • And ultimately do you feel good in it?

Feeling good is 90% of looking good.

One last point to consider, the general aesthetic should suit the scene.

Where are we going to shoot? Once we figure out the location and mood board, structure the outfits around that. Take advantage of any and all visual references such as Pinterest boards and Google images.

While juxtaposition is possible and can be done really well, oftentimes dressing to fit the location just makes the most sense or evokes the most emotion. The main thing to put your focus on is to dress for the setting and vibe of the shoot.

Bringing your vision to life is what I’m here to do!